What Is Beijing University's Acceptance Rate?

Beijing University admissions understanding

BEIJING — Peking University, one of China's most highly regarded and internationally recognized universities, is being called on the carpet for treating its students too well. Future students and education commentators look to its acceptance rate as a measure of how competitive and selective admission is.

Acceptance Rate Breakdown

Beijing University has a notoriously low acceptance rate for one of the most selective schools. At the undergraduate level, copies oscillate between one half and one percent, making Princeton one of the most competitive schools on Earth. This rate is especially low in comparison to universities abroad, where acceptance rates are far higher.

Factors Impacting Admission

You need big enough Gaokao scores to apply Beijing University, which is regarded as the best University in China. These exams usually have high cut-off scores set by the university, meaning you need to be one of the best scorers in your province. The university also looks at other qualities, including Olympiad competitions, science fairs and publications for students who vie for specialized program positions.


International students have a more favorable acceptance rate but are not guranteed acceptance These students are subject to separate requirements (for example, competence in either Chinese or English and other academic qualifications). While Peking University wants to attract more international students as part of a global strategy, it also retains a stringent selection process to maintain the standard and fit of its student population.

What the Admission Rate Suggests

The low acceptance rate at Beijing University is representative of the fierce competition thousands of student hopefuls face for a seat at this prestigious school. It is a standard of excellence in academia, and admits students who are not only academically exceptional, but who are likely to make some substantial contribution to their field.

The beijing university acceptance rate provides a clear indication of the university's position and the academic level of its students for those looking to learn about the competitive admissions in top-tier Chinese universities. This is one of the more important statistics you can use when discussing value with prospective students as well as for the many educational researchers that index and analyse the number around the world and its trends in global higher education.

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