How to Transfer Data from WhatsApp to Fouad WhatsApp?

Here is everything you should be aware of before transferring your chat history and data on WhatsApp to Fouad WhatsApp. In the following guide you will be shown how to keep your data integrity while transitioning over to an altered version of the ever-popular messenger.

Other Steps Step 1: First Make Backup OF WHTSAPP_DATA

First of all, make sure your WhatsApp data is backed up to your phone's internal storage. Here’s how you can do it:

Open WhatsApp.

Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup.

Click on Back Up to backup your chat to your internal memory. Always, make sure when the backup is done it be on `Locally` not on GDrive since as mentioned above GV backup may not be accessed directly by Fouad WhatsApp.

Get the Fouad WhatsApp_APK

Get Fouad WhatsApp version from a trusted source, by clicking on Download Now Record download websites might have dangers of malware issues as well. We recommend getting it only from the official Fouad Mods website. You can find it here.

After installing you can followed below steps for installation :

To do that, on your Android, navigate to Settings > Security, and then check "Unknown sources" to permit installing apps outside your normal secure Play Store.

It will be downloaded to the device and once completed, then click on that file to install the same.

Restore the Fouad WhatsApp and Your WhatsApp Backup

Tips and Steps to restore chat history: After installation of fouad whatsapp

Open Fouad WhatsApp.

Click on I Agree to the Terms of Service and then click on Submit

You will be asked if you want to restore your previous chats from the local backup, tap on Restore.

The phone number on Fouad Whatsapp should be exact the same as that on the original Whatsapp. This is essential for proper sync to your backup.

Confirm and Start Trading

Verify your phone number, as is usually done using the OTP, once the restoration process has ended. All chats must be visible in fouad whatsapp. after this! Now u may open the app,your all previous data (messages, media files,settings,etc.)same as on same time.

Key Considerations

Security: Fouad WhatsApp comes with some additional features which the regular WhatsApp cannot provide, but is not that much safe because it has not received any recognition from Google or WhatsApp. So, well, use it a your own peril.

News : Always check for the latest version of your app to keep experience the smooth and secure.

Privacy settings - check your privacy settings in Fouad WhatsApp after transferring as it will be not similar to the default app.

That is it you have transferred your WhatsApp data on Fouad WhatsApp now without losing any important data. The process is fairly straightforward, but it does require great license in detail to ensure that the transition is seamless.

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